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Recent News:

Hillary played The Bakers Wife in the Resident Theatre Company's production of Into The Woods 12/13/19-12/30/19. 

At the front of that class were Hillary Parker as the Baker’s Wife and Kevin Toniazzo-Naughton as Cinderella’s Prince (and his appearance as the Wolf). Their performances were flawless, true to character and incredibly entertaining.


Parker and Toniazzo-Naughton deliver the best song in the production as well with their rendition of “Any Momemnt/Moments in the Woods.” It’s simply perfection. -Anthony SanFilippo, Delcoculturevultures


Summer & Fall 2019

In collaboration with Simpatico Theatre, Hillary once again

helped produce and performed in the revival of The Motherly Love Cabaret. This time to raise money for The Maternity Care Coalition. 

Hillary played Case Study 1 in Siren Songs during the Philadelphia Fringe Festival.

Siren Songs was a verbatim styled theatrical piece focused around the topic of addiction and substance use disorder. Cultivated from first person interviews, it followed 7 individuals' tumultuous journeys through addiction and how they fought their way to recovery. 



Hillary helped produce and performed in The Motherly Love Cabaret to raise money for Together Rising.

We raised $1000 to help families at the border. 

In November Hillary gave birth to her daughter Reyna deVallenger Parker-Goldberg.


Hillary received the 2017 Best Supporting Actress Barrymore award for her work as Liz in You For Me For You with InterAct Theatre Company.

Hillary married her wonderful husband JR on July 1, 2017 at

The Mansion Inn outside of Saratoga Springs, NY.

Hillary read The Marble Muse by Diane Baia Hale in Capital Repertory Theatre's Next Act! New Play Summit, 10/22/17.

Hillary played Mrs. Potts in Beauty and The Beast directed by Dann Dunn at the Media Theatre. 11/15/2017-1/14/2018

Summer 2017:

Hillary played Paulina in The Winter's Tale with The Saratoga Shakespeare Company. August 2017.

"The cast is flawless. Hillary Parker elevates the role of Paulina to that of the conscience of the play. Parker brings a sense of calmness and righteousness to the character that gives her an objectivity that helps the audience grasp the greater themes taking place within the play." - Bob Goepfert, Troy Record

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